"My work explores the realm of psychoanalytic, philosophic and esoteric literature in a free associative fashion which focuses on subliminal erotica, twentieth century architecture and emotional attachments to found objects and other materials with oblique histories.

My many influences are as diverse as the works of filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, painter Max Ernst and sculptor Louise Nevelson.                   These different directions are gathered together to create new variations which subtly inhabit the paintings, sculptures and assemblages like imaginary metaphorical scaffolding. The unique and complex fabrication of these artworks was developed and perfected over time in my daily practice. Every stroke or cut builds toward an aesthetic dialect that although layered with obscure meanings is still legible across all disciplines.   I strive to create an internal alchemy so that my works appear to be spontaneously occurring totem-like entities.                                                  The viewer is invited to become my accomplice in creating a magical history for these artworks,                                                                           imbuing them with their own existential mystery, humor and hope."